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Name of the Journal: Rabindra Bharati Patrika
ISSN No: 0937-0037
Nature of Publication: Only Hard Copy
Frequency: Thrice in a year
Present Executive Editors:

Prof. Nirmalya  Narayan  Chakraborty, Dean, Faculty of Arts,

Rabindra Bharati University.

Email: nirmalyanarayan@gmail.com 


Professor Sandip Kumar Chakraborty, Dean, Faculty of Visual Arts,

Rabindra Bharati University.

Email: sculptorsandip@gmail.com


Professor  Goutam Nag, Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts,

Rabindra Bharati University.



About the Journal

Rabindra Bharati Patrika is a peer reviewed, trilingual journal where original, well researched, scholarly English and Bengali and Sanskrit articles in any branch are published. The journal is being published thrice in printed hard-copy format since 1963 and has been endowed with ISSN number (0937-0037). Volume Twenty One, New Series of the journal has been recently published.
Submission and Publication Charges
The journal is fully funded by Rabindra Bharati University and therefore claims no submission or publication charges.
Publication Policy

The editorial board of the Rabindra BharatiPatrika has as its members, besides the Honourable Vice Chancellor of Rabindra  Bharati University and experts from other universities who are renowned for their expertise in their respective fields of specialization. Articles are invited through wide circulation of notification using print and online media. Once requisite numbers of articles are submitted for publication, the board meets to unanimously decide over the names of referees to whom the articles are to be sent for evaluation. In case of any dispute, the decisions of the externalexperts are final. The board has a recommended list of referees to which new names are added if necessary. The referees are requested to submit their report clearly stating in it whether the article is recommended or not recommended for publication or needs revision. In order to be considered for publication, an article has to be recommended by both the referees. If revision is suggested, the revised articles are again sent to the same set of referees for re-evaluation. Authors whose articles cannot be published are duly notified. If asked for, they are given access to the reviewers’ comments on their articles (with the reviewers’ names removed).

Record of the proceedings of the meetings of the editorial board, signed by the members present, is maintained.


Notes to contributors

One hard copy and one soft copy of the article must be submitted to the given address of correspondence. Please include your full name, affiliation if any, contact details and title of the paper in a separate sheet/document. The copies of the article will not be returned. Article should be complete with abstract and keywords,typed, double spaced, within8000 words (not less than 4000 words), printed on one side only and numbered consecutively throughout. Article should be prepared for anonymous refereeing with self-identifying references removed. 



Article Instructions

1. Article submitted in English can follow either the American or the British punctuation and spelling patterns, but it has to be consistent throughout.
2. Use italics for emphasis instead of bold or underline.
3. Illustrations, tables, maps and figures must be numbered consecutively and include captions identifying the source of any image or data.
4. The words and/or citations from Sanskrit or any language other than English (when the article is in English) should be fully italicized with accurate diacritical marks.

Endnotes and Bibliography

Works cited should be listed at the end of the article and references should be made thus:



Articles in Journals/ Anthologies

Craner, Carl, ‘Towards a Theory of Respect for Persons’, American Philosophical Quarterly,  Vol. 12, No. 4, Oct. 1975, pp. 300-312.
Harris, Erol. E., ‘Respect for Persons’ in Richard T. George (ed.), Ethics and Society, London, George Allen &Unwin, 1961.
Davidson, D., ‘Truth and Meaning’, in D. Davidson, Inquiries into Truth and Interpretation,  Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1986.

Single Authored Books

Emmet, D., Rules, Roles and Relations, London, Macmillan, 1966.
Joint Authored Books

McCrea, Lawrence J., and Patil, Parimal G., Buddhist Philosophy of Language in India: Jñānaśrīmitra on Exclusion, New York, Columbia University Press, 2010, pp. 63-65.
Edited Books

Matilal, Bimal Krishna, Epistemology, Logic and Grammar in Indian Philosophical Analysis, JonardonGaneri (ed.), India, Oxford University Press, 2015 (New Edition).
Translated Books
Descartes, René, Discourse on Method and the Meditations, F. E. Sutcliffe (trans.), Great Britain, Penguin Books, 1980.
More than one publication in the same year by the same author
The year of publication to be marked as XXXa, XXXb, and so on.
Repeated Reference
Matilal, 2015, p. 22.
Classical Indian (Sanskrit) Texts: Primary text/Commentary/Sub-commentary
Udayanācārya, Nyāyavārttikatātparyapariśuddhi, Anantalal Thakur (ed.), New Delhi, Indian Council of Philosophical Research, 1996.
Jayapurī NārāyaṇaBhaṭṭa, Nyāyasiddhi, on Prakaraṇapañcikā by ŚālikanāthaMiśra, A. SubrahmanyaSastri (ed.), Varanasi, Banaras Hindu University, 1961.
VācaspatiMiśra, Tattvavaiśāradī, on Sāṁkhyapravacanabhāṣya by Vyāsa, on Pātañjaladarśanam by Patañjali, Gosvāmī DāmodaraŚāstrī (ed.), Varanasi, Chaukhamba Sanskrit Sansthan, 1989 (Second Edition).
Citation from Online Material
http:/plato.stanford.edu./entries/properties-emergent/ (visited on 02.03.2014)
Contact Details
All correspondence concerning submission of articles and other editorial matters should be addressed to
The Vice Chancellor/The Editor / The Registrar
Rabindra Bharati Patrika
Publication Department
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