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Nature of Publication: Hard Copy (Online Proposed)
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Present Executive Editors:

Prof. Sabyasachi Basu Roy Chaudhury, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor

Rabindra Bharati University.

Dr. Sohini Ghosh
Assistant Professor & Coordinator,
Department of Disability Studies,
Rabindra Bharati University
Editorial Board:
Prof. Nirmalya Narayan Chakraborty,
Dean, Faculty of Arts, Rabindra Bharati University
Prof. Aditya Prasad Mitra,
Dean, Faculty of Visual Arts,Rabindra Bharati University
Prof.Debasish Mondal
Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts, Rabindra Bharati University
Prof. Sanat Kumar Ghosh, Former Dean, Faculty of Arts
Ex-Dean, Faculty of Arts, Rabindra Bharati University
Professor, SoE, NSOU
Mr. S.S. Chauhan, 
Regional Officer, 
Prof.Amita Dutta, 
Retd. Professor, Department of Fine Arts, 
Ex-Dean, Faculty of Visual Arts, RBU
Prof. Rajesh Saha, 
Assistant Professor, Department of Education, RBU
Prof.Debjani Sengupta, 
Retd. Professor, Department of Education
Calcutta University
Prof. Debashree Banerjee,
Professor, Department of Education
Calcutta University
Dr.Bishnupada Nanda,
Professor and HoD
Department of Education
Jadavpur University
Dr. Sohini Ghosh,
Assistant Professor and Coordinator, 
Department. of Disability Studies,
RabindraBharati University
Smt. Minati Rani Mahapatra, 
Assistant Professor, 
Department of Disability Studies, RBU
Mr. Sanjay Kr. Yadav, 
Assistant Professor, 
Department of Disability Studies, RBU


About the Journal

Indian Journal of Special Education is a peer reviewed journal with special emphasis for the child with special needs, socio-educational policies for marginalised group and related field of disability studies.
Submission and Publication Charges
The journal is fully funded by Rabindra Bharati University and therefore claims no submission or publication charges.
Publication Policy

The editorial board of the Indian Journal Of Special Education has as its members, besides the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of Rabindra  Bharati University and experts from other universities who are renowned for their expertise in their respective fields of specialization. Contributions should be sent only by the email. Once requisite numbers of articles are submitted for publication, the board meets to unanimously decide over the names of referees to whom the articles are to be sent for evaluation. In case of any dispute, the decisions of the externalexperts are final. The board has a recommended list of referees to which new names are added if necessary. The referees are requested to submit their report clearly stating in it whether the article is recommended or not recommended for publication or needs revision. In order to be considered for publication, an article has to be recommended by both the referees. If revision is suggested, the revised articles are again sent to the same set of referees for re-evaluation. Authors whose articles cannot be published are duly notified. If asked for, they are given access to the reviewers’ comments on their articles (with the reviewers’ names removed).


Notes to contributors

Indian Journal of Special Education (IJSE) aims to disseminate the knowledge base enhancing the theory, principle, model, through research, practice, counselling, rehabilitation, special education studies, inclusive teaching-learning processes, teacher education etc. with special emphasis for the child with special needs, socio-educational policies for marginalised group and related field of disability studies through the publication of research papers/ articles that may sensitise thought processes and performances of researchers, teachers, counsellors and social activists and that may also effect in all aspects and stages of lives and careers of the differently abled people. The journal will also recognize the allied disciplines like, rehabilitation studies, psychology, sociology, education, anthropology, economics, political science, history, philosophy etc. related with the special education. In the absence of any dominant paradigm, the journal will allow varied approaches to offer theoretical and conceptual analyses, empirical surveys and experimental researches of qualitative, quantitative and mixed approaches of high quality. 


Article Instructions

IJSE welcomes original research papers/articles in any of the fields of Special Education.

  • Papers/ Articles must be within 8,000 words including the Abstract and References.
  • Contributions should be sent only by the email.
  • Research Papers/Articles should be accompanied by an abstract of a maximum of 150-200 words with Key-words.
  • Papers/Articles should not be submitted simultaneously for publication to another journal or newspaper.
  • Graphs and charts need to be prepared in MS Office (Word/Excel) and not in jpeg or other formats.
  • Receipt of Paper/Article will immediately be acknowledged by email.
  • Papers/Articles accepted for publication can take up a few months from the date of acceptance to appear in the IJSE volume. Papers/Articles with immediate relevance for policy point of view would be considered for early publication. Please note that this is a matter of editorial judgment.

Endnotes and Bibliography
Articles in Journals/ Anthologies

Single Authored Books

Single Authored Books:The basic form for a book citation is Last name, First name (Year of publication): Title of book, Place of publication: Publisher:
Book with one author
Gleick, James (1987): Chaos: Making a New Science, New York: Penguin.
Henley, Patricia (1999): The Hummingbird House, Denver: MacMurray.
Book with More than one Author
First author name is written last name first; subsequent author names are written first name, last name.
Gillespie, Paula and Neal Lerner (2000): The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Peer Tutoring, Boston: Allyn.
Two or more Books by the Same Author

Palmer, William J (1993): The Films of the Eighties: A Social History, Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press.
- (1997): Dickens and New Historicism, New York: St Martin’s.
Book by a Corporate Author
A corporate author may be a commission, a committee, or any group whose individual members are not identified on the title page.
Indian Allergy Association (1998): Allergies in Children, New Delhi: Penguin.
Citation from online Materials
Providing only the URL is usually not sufficient.
Required information:
  • Citations of electronic sources should include an author or editor, the title of the text, date, the title of the website, the electronic address, and page or paragraph numbers. If the date when the source was accessed is crucial to the argument, include it in brackets at the end.
  • Citations of books, journal articles, periodicals, and other sources published online should follow IJSE style for traditional citations as closely as possible, with the addition of the electronic address or URL. Citation of online sources of a publication/article that was originally published in print should be an addition, and not the only citation.
  • Citations to online postings and email messages must include the date they were posted or sent.
Contact Details
All Correspondence concerning submission of articles and other editorial matters should be addressed to:
The Vice Chancellor/The Editor/The Registrar
Indian Journal of Special Education
Publication Department
Rabindra Bharati University
56A, B.T. Road
Kolkata - 700050
Tel: + 91-033-2557-1028/3028/4028/7161 (Extension 351)



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