Rabindra Bharati University Journal of the Department of Sanskrit


Name of the Journal: Rabindra Bharati University Journal of the Department of Sanskrit

ISSN No: 2277-4165

Nature of Publication: Only Hard Copy (Online full text will be available soon)

Frequency: Annually published (Since 1984 twenty one volume of this journal have been published and at present XXII no. volume is in the progress)


Present Editor of the Journal:

Dr. Amal Kumar Mondal
Associate Professor & Head, Department of Sanskrit,
Rabindra Bharati University,
Email: rbu.sanskrit@gmail.com
Head, Department of Sanskrit,
Rabindra Bharati University,
56 A, B.T.Road, Kolkata - 700050
West Bengal, India
Present Editorial Board:
Chairperson: Professor Sabyasachi Basu Roy Choudhury,  Hon’ble Vice Chancellor
Editor in Chief: HOD, Ex Officio member
Other members of the Board:
  • Professor Amar Kumar Chatterjee, Eminent Professor of Sanskrit
  • Professor Mrinal Kanti Ganguli, Former Professor of Sanskrit, University of Calcutta
  • Professor Biswanath Mukherjee, Former Professor of Sanskrit, University of Calcutta
  • Professor Gopalchandra Misra, Department of Sanskrit, Rabindra Bharati University
  • Professor Tarak Nath Adhikari, Department of Sanskrit, Rabindra Bharati University
  • Dr. Krishnakali Bhattacharya, Department of Sanskrit, Rabindra Bharati University
  • Dr. Sanjit Kumar Sadhukhan, Department of Sanskrit, Rabindra Bharati University
  • Dr. Indira Chatterjee, Department of Sanskrit, Rabindra Bharati University
  • Dr. Parboty Chakraborty, Department of Sanskrit, Rabindra Bharati University
  • Dr. Amal Kumar Mondal, Department of Sanskrit, Rabindra Bharati University
  • Dr. Monidipa Das, Department of Sanskrit, Rabindra Bharati University
  • Dr. Pradip Chandra Das, Department of Sanskrit, Rabindra Bharati University
  • Sri Subrata Mondal, Department of Sanskrit, Rabindra Bharati University
About the Journal:

The “Journal of the Department of Sanskrit” of Rabindra Bharati University is a scholarly communication for education, research and a critical overview of Sanskritic researches and indological studies. It is published annually in print format only. The first volume was published in 1984. It received ISSN (2277-4165) in the year 2012. It has also received the status of Peer-Reviewed Journal in 2012-2013.The forthcoming volume (volume no. XXII) of this journal is now under process.
Submission and Publication Charges
The Journal claims absolutely NO PROCESSING FEES at any level as it is fully funded by Rabindra Bharati University.
Publication Policy

Selection Criteria:

Notes to contributors

Articles are invited through written notification displayed on the departmental notice board. Generally the process starts in the month of July every year. A Board of Editors comprising academicians of different specializations of Sanskrit literature selects suitable articles based on various criteria, such as depth in subject, type of work, methodology followed by the authors, citation, and reference and over all standard etc. Selected articles are then sent to various peers across the country by using ‘blind peer review processes for quality judgment. Upon the approval of the peer reviewers, the selected articles are sent for publication.
The Reviewing Process:

All selected manuscripts are subject to peer-review by independent reviewers. Peer reviews are done by double blinding method where both the author and the reviewer remain unaware of each other. Final decision for accepting articles rests with the Editor-in-Chief.
Final Selection:

Verifying the reviewers’ comment, finally the Editorial Board takes decision to publish the papers. As there is limited space, the paper once selected may be published in the next volume subject to the availability of space. Each and every author is informed if her/his paper is not selected for publication with reviewer’s comment.
Submission Process:

All manuscripts must have to be submitted in MS-Office (.doc) format through e-mail to the following e-mail address-rbu.sanskrit@gmail.com
After final selection of the article, the author has to send the corrected softcopy(through e-mail) with two hard copies (one side print) to the following address along with a DECLARATION stating its originality and assurance that it has not been published anywhere  before.
Publishing Ethics:

The publication of an article in this journal is a direct reflection of the author’s nascent micro thought of the subject domain. Therefore it is expected that a quality of standard should be maintained by the authors and the affiliated institutions that support them.
With the quality of thought, literature and language, it is very important to agree upon the standards of ethical behavior for all parties involved in the act of publishing: the author, the editor of the journal, the peer reviewer, the publisher and so on.
Being it our limited capacity, we try our best to maintain above mentioned ethics and since its inception. We strongly try to avoid copyright violation and plagiarism and so ask a declaration in the matters from our authors. We strictly follow the process of proper citation and acknowledgement in the manuscript.
No processing fees in any steps of the publication for RBU Journal of the Department of Sanskrit are charged from the authors. All costs are borne by the Rabindra Bharati University.

For Authors:

Authors should refrain from misrepresenting any sort of research result which could damage the trust in the journal.

  • The same manuscript should not be submitted to more than one journals at a time;
  • The manuscript should not be published previously (part or full);
  • No data or text of other researchers/authors must be taken and thereby presented by the authors  as her/his own (i.e. plagiarism must not be entertained);
  • Proper acknowledgements to other works must be given;
  • From all co-authors as well as the responsible authorities, proper consent should be received and submitted along with the manuscript.

For Editors:

As editors we try to accept and maintain high quality research paper. We are never biased with gender, religion, designation or affiliation. We never disclose the identity of the author while sending the manuscript to the peer for reviewing.

For reviewers:

The reviewers are requested to examine manuscripts thoroughly and thereby maintain the quality and the standard of the papers. They are also negotiated to maintain confidentiality of any information related to the papers.


Where to send your article?

The Head (Editor)
Department of Sanskrit
Rabindra Bharati University
56A, B.T. Road



Author’s Guide:

Guidelines of Submission/How to send an Article:

The RBU journal of the Department of Sanskrit publishes original findings, review of articles, practice outcomes, survey results and critically examine the new information.

  • Research papers may describe complete research efforts with results, analyses and implications to practitioners and should not exceed 2500-3000 words excluding footnotes/endnotes
  • Papers should give a critical and analytical perspective of related books, publications, methodologies, tools or system. It will also reflect new or current trends, thinking, perspective and opinions in research and should not exceed 8-12 pages in length.
  • Minimum standards for considering the submitted manuscripts for peer-reviewing papers must be written either in English or in Sanskrit Language. In case of English language, text files should be prepared in MS Word format double line space.
  • Page setup: page size A4, orientation portrait; margins: mirror margins, top 3 cm, bottom 2 cm, inside 2.5 cm, outside 2 cm, gutter 0.5 cm.
  • Layout: header 1.7cm (different odds and evens), footer 1 cm, section start continuous.
  • Page alignment top; Font-Times New Roman, 12 point. First Heading-14 bold Times New Roman, Second sub heading-12 bold Times New Roman, Each next sub heading-12 italics Times new Roman
  • In case of Sanskrit Language, text files should be prepared in either Unicode or Akruti or Vrinda font and other format of writing should be same as English.


Preparation of the manuscript:

All original research articles should be structured in the following manner.

  • Introduction: State the background and mention clearly the objective of the present work.
  • Literature Review: minimum last ten years
  • Problem Identification: Research questions and hypothesis
  • Methodology: All methods used should be clearly mentioned
  • Data collection and analysis: How and which method followed? How it has been analyzed?
  • Findings: What specific findings have occurred?
  • Conclusion: Give the major conclusion from the present study.
  • Acknowledgement:  Acknowledgement of those persons who helped the author in the present study by providing facilities, personal assistance and funding if any.



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